Bodybuilder’s Guide to Theacrine Supplements

Everyone wants the energy boost and focus that caffeine gives us, but sometimes that boost comes with unwanted side effects.  Jitteriness, headaches, sleeplessness, and the inevitable crash are all negatives that can occur. If you’re looking for another option, theacrine may just be for you.

What is Theacrine?

Theacrine is a component found in a traditional Chinese tea called kucha.  The tea is made from the leaves of a plant known as Camellia assamica var. kucha, and has long been used to boost energy and increase performance while decreasing muscle fatigue by those who use it.  This is achieved by preventing dopamine, a chemical released in the body that increases energy levels, gives sharper mental focus, and improves mood, from being reabsorbed. This amazing supplement also blocks a chemical known as adenosine.  Adenosine is responsible for relaxing and sedating the muscles and causing the brain to be less active.

Why Choose Theacrine Over Caffeine?

Theacrine has all the advantages of caffeine, without the side effects.  As a matter of fact, theacrine and caffeine can be used together to achieve the traditional improvement in focus, energy boost, and improved mood.  Not only does the mixed duo act as a “super booster”, but when mixed the unwanted side effects disappear as well. Another big plus of using theacrine over caffeine is the fact that you don’t have to up your dosage over time.  When it comes to caffeine, your body can become immune to the amount you regularly use, and demand higher dosages to achieve the same effects. With theacrine, studies have shown that your 100th dose can be just as effective as your first.  This can not only save you time and money on extra supplements, but can keep you from using too much of the supplement.

What’s the Best Way to Supplement with Theacrine?

Since more and more people in the fitness community are discovering and using theacrine, it only makes sense that more and more companies are offering the supplement in pill and powder form.  Theacrine is often paired with caffeine in these supplements. Since theacrine extends and enhances the useful effects of caffeine, you don’t need to take much to receive the desired effects. This is especially good news for those that tend to be sensitive to the side effects of caffeine, or prefer to minimize their caffeine intake.  The recommended dosage is between 50-200 milligrams, and has been found to work best when taken 30-45 minutes before you begin your workout. As with any supplement, it’s recommended to begin at the lowest dosage and move up from there if you need to.

If you wish to stay traditional with the supplement and consume it in the way it’s been used for centuries, then there’s always the option of drinking kucha tea.  However, the tea has a notoriously unpleasant and bitter taste, so you may want to find it in a specialty shop or through a trusted online provider.


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