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Bodybuilder’s Guide to Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex is a bodybuilder’s best friend, and here’s why.  This supplement contains riboflavin, B6, B12, thiamin, biotin, pantothenic acid, and folate.  This group of vitamins and nutrients are amazing at creating e...

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Supplement Your Nutrition with Glucosamine

Glucosamine is one of the most popular supplements used by the fitness community today.  This supplement has proven itself as an aid in easing sore joints, making it popular among serious lifters and the older population as well...

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5 Tips for the Best Arm Workouts

Chiseled, well-muscled arms are one of the most sought after results of those in the fitness community.  Hours are spent lifting, curling, and working towards defining their arms in a way that makes them proud to show them off.  But the truth is that not all workouts are created equal, and there...

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8 Fitness Tips to Become Healthy and Fit

With so many different types of workouts, machines, diets, supplements, and fads out there, how in the world are you supposed to know what ones really work?  When it comes to fitness, it seems that everyone has those tips and tricks...

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The Best Chest Workouts to Build Muscle Mass

When it comes to serious bodybuilding, everyone knows the chest is best.  From flexing to strength training, the chest is the centerpiece of any body builder.  It seems that when we think masculine or rugged, the first thing people think of is a chi...

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8 Tips for Getting Ripped

You’ve put in the hours of working out, eating right, and and supplementing the way the pros say you should.  But you’re still not getting that chiseled, ripped physique that you want and that you’re working for.  What el...

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Build a Bigger Back With These Back Workouts

A powerful back can make all the difference when achieving success in your workouts.  You need your back for almost every movement you make, and it’s important to have a strong back to give you the foundation for intense workouts....

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Post Workouts

The Best Pre- and Post-Workout Supplements for Fitness

When it comes to get the most from your workout, it’s not only important to know which supplements can offer you the most, but when the best time to take them is.  Some supplements are best taken before your workout to maximize endurance and boost your metabolism. Other supplements work the best ...

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Bodybuilding Supplements that are Great for Building Muscle

You’ve spent months at the gym, working out and pushing yourself to the limits to get the muscles that you’ve always wanted.  You’re eating the perfect muscle building diet, and you’ve done just about everything you can think of to get that perfect ripped physique.  But instead, it seems l...

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The 5 Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women

It’s a busy world, and no one may know that better than a woman.  With everything that goes on in a woman’s daily life, sometimes hitting the gym gets pushed to the end of the list.  And even if you DO get to the gym, what about all that time in between gym visits? Not to mention the way stubb...

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5 Benefits of Whey Protein Before and After Workouts

We all know that whey protein is a favorite for bodybuilders.  As a bodybuilding supplement, it’s one of the most commonly well-known and accepted within the fitness community.  But what about all the other benefits? Trust me ...

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When to Use Creatine to Supplement Your Workout

Creatine isn’t a new concept to the fitness world.  People have been supplementing with creatine for decades, and its effects and benefits are pretty much undeniable.  Everyone seems to agree that creatine really is a powerfu...

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Guide to Post-Workout Supplements and Nutrition

Whether you’re new to the fitness world or a seasoned vet, one topic seems to come up over and over again: what’s the best supplement to take after I workout?  There are multiple studies, theories, and myths out there that swear by one supplemen...

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What Does Zinc Do for the Body?

Following a healthy diet is a crucial factor in physical health, I don’t just mean a diet high in protein and good fats.  It’s important to remember the “little guys” you need in your diet, and zinc is one of them. Zinc is a mineral that your body absolutely must have in order to function p...

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